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BeCeTM Braided Electrical Contact Element, a product of extensive and laborious research and development in USA and Singapore. Bece is a patented technology owned by Dr. Che-Yu Li.

High performance braided buttons assures high test yields with lower test costs. Braided with 8 fine wires, precise length, pitch and braiding force control.

Braided BeCeTM Buttons with low contact force and a Micro-Wipe action provides excellent contact by breaking through oxide layers without visible marks and damage.

With short pin height and braided interlock, high-density, fine-pitch, high pin count Gigahertz high performance test socket for various packages, LGA, BGA, QFN and other peripheral lead devices makes BeCeTM the ultimate choice.

Continuously evolving , BeCeTM with ultra fine wires is currently being developed to achieve lower contact force which is critical to wafer level testing.